Sigur Rós
“Varðeldur (Valtari Mystery Film Competition Entry)”
Official entry into the Valtari Mystery
Film Competition by Sigur Rós

"Public Space" People, each with their own private space.
The coexistence of both known and not known before.
Area and the distance of the two people .a expression action that show.
Can tell the story and show the relationship of each other.
And in the same space and distance. The same relationship.
The different reactions and emotions.
It can feel that the story is taking place as well.

Cast : Wanpen Potjes Itdhi Phanmanee 
Directed by Jazme Chehtae
Produced By Jazme Chehtae
Production Design by
Sunisa Sriparivatin

Director of Photography by
Khanitz Deephuang

Editing & Color Grading by
Peannippan Kadeetham

Assitant Director by
Tanakit Kitsanayunyong

Casting by Sunisa Sriparivatin
Assitant Camera by
Sarawut Chuparkpanich

Costume & Make-up by
Sunisa Sriparivatin

Location by Rotsaniyom
Production Assitant by
Woradej Chaithumachart,
Pantakan Leangsanit

Behind the scene
photography by Weerakit